Crossing the boundary between what is and what appears. This is one of the narrative nodes of the art project narrated by artist Alketa Bercaj Delishaj through the photographs and a short film that will form a temporary ‘street furniture’ in the HServizi S.p.a. company. The exhibition can be visited by appointment at the company’s premises from 9 October to 8 December 2021.



Today, MORE THAN EVER, IT IS NECESSARY TO RESTORE THE CENTRALITY OF THE WORKERS' WORLD, THE WORKERS AND THE DENOMITY OF THEIR WORK, ACTING IN SUCH A WAY THAT THE RELATED PROCESSES, acquire more and more space and development, creating professionalism and economic growth. In this project, Alketa narrates her vision with photographs that bring out hidden feelings and the weight of the difficulty in accepting the contemporary world. The protagonists are the workers: workers in supermarkets, bars, restaurants, security guards. We will discover that work allows people to express their subjectivity, which is synonymous with creativity. As much as creativity in work is always suspended between instrumental and expressive aspects, between freedom and necessity, between risk and responsibility, between effort and gratification.

"This project investigates the changing relationship between the physical reality in everyday life and the possibility of escaping to an imaginary journey. An alternative that seeks to put workers in the foreground in order to make their careers more sustainable. Like the shots of photographer Lewis Hine, who documented to the viewer the negative effects of child labour by portraying child labourers, becoming one of the earliest and most effective proponents of photography as a catalyst for social change, this exhibition also poses a question mark over labour today. This project is a confirmation of how conceptually rich the intersection between 'culture' and 'work' can be and, as such, how essential these two elements are for further study and research on these important topics".

More and more often we ask ourselves what role work plays in our lives and what are the roots from which it has evolved and consolidated over time. In this exhibition, the work is portrayed as a journey through time, through everyone's everyday life and the individual's existence. Work is synergy and cooperation, but it is thanks to the contribution of individuals that it acquires a role of growth and at the same time of solidarity, through all the expressions of work itself, such as manual skill, ingenuity, imagination, intuition, art, beauty and physical effort. We often come up against limits, imposed by rules and procedures that suppress the creativity of the individual, depressing innovation and development.

CAPOLAVORO' recounts the world of work through the testimonies of workers and images that have replaced every word. We have tried to represent people who embark on a journey that starts with self-exploration and continues with the discovery of the world of work, as they navigate towards achieving their professional goal. The exhibition will take a journey through the professions and represent the tools that have accompanied man during his development and emancipation. We will recount the fatigue it takes to bear the weight of present concerns. The route of the protagonists will be accompanied by the automobile as a symbol of dynamism and modern movement. A journey interrupted by the eye of the camera that bears witness to the mutability of a rapidly changing world.

Thanks for this project hservizi Spa

The history of Hservizi Spa goes back a long way, to 14 December 1946 to be precise, the date on which the Consorzio Acquedotto dell'Isola was established, which later became a joint-stock company in 2002; first the Consorzio and then the company's main purpose was to collect and distribute drinking water in the Bergamo area. Over time, the company has expanded the range of services provided to citizens and its member municipalities, constantly maintaining strong roots in the territory. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of its foundation, the Board of Directors decided to celebrate with this initiative the role of work as a fundamental element of the culture and nature of human beings. Thanks for the cooperation: Mr Massimo Gaffuri and Mr Imerio Bassani Azienda Nicoletti Fratelli, Ponte San Pietro Azienda Grafiche Valdelsa (SI) the employees who collaborated in various ways during the initiative

The UILTuCS was actually born on 5 March 1950 together with the UIL (Italian Union of Labour) as its vertical articulation, under the name UIDAC (Italian Union of Commercial Employees). Its coordination was entrusted to Umberto Pagani, a glorious trade unionist from the first UIL (1918-1925).

The first decision taken was to sign the CCNL 23.10.1950 for employees of commercial companies, which was signed by Confcommercio with the other two trade unions. belonging respectively to the CGIL and the ICFTU.

Always at the side of workers, the category today concludes numerous national contracts and operates with an ethical and human vision, putting the value of work at the centre.

In recent years always active and sensitive to issues related to the world of work, this category looks to the future and with simplicity indicates some prospects for growth and development through initiatives shared with other ‘actors’ in the area in which it operates.

Thanks to the contribution of UILTuCS

And to his collaborators Anila Cenolli and Giuseppe Lavia and all the employees who made themselves available.


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