New Minimal Abstract Summer 2023

A Collection of 10 Original Paintings Abstract and Minimalist

Inspired by the Atlantic Ocean and the waves crashing on the rocks. During my travels in the Canary Islands I particularly loved those places, looking at the water, fascinated by the force of the tides and the currents, while the glow of the light was reflected along the coasts.

This collection is an interpretation of the movement of water, the glow, light and colors on the ocean. Water and light have been the foundation of my work and this is the culmination of their meeting.

Chasing Minimalism Landscapes of Water Scenes

This collection of works is inspired by beauty and light, seeing the world through a lens of joy with photographs mostly taken on my travels and painted on canvas.

This collection is a favorite among collectors with large, bright spaces.

Aquatic Landscapes Scenes


The Divers are the best-selling series

From the 1920s with the first female divers such as Jane Fauntz and Katherine Rawls, up to the present day, I tell the story of the springboard dive.

I want to talk about the power of memories, I approached the philosophy of vintage in my art a few years ago, and those faded memories of the past. I have always admired women who paved the way for female participation in sport, especially at a time when society was still very divided in terms of gender.

An excellent example of how new concepts can draw on old ideas are now my most powerful series of paintings, depicting the first female divers from the 1920 Olympics to the present and these works are my most influential source in my art that has crossed international borders…

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